10-50 Major at Highway 146 and Palmer
January 17, 2001

By Mark Pandanell

The green arrow points to where the traffic light once stood before this truck towing a 5th wheel took it down.
In the background is the 3 lane overpass where far too many drivers refuse to slow down before the intersection into
Texas City resulting in numerous accidents. The speed limit is 40mph approaching the intersection though it's
not unusual for vehicles to still be travling 6omph or better.

Once again as a driver refuses to slow down as they top the overpass coming into town, Texas City Fire responded
to yet another accident at Highway 146 and Palmer. This one involved a GMC Diesel 5000 truck pulling a 35-foot travel trailer. A 45 year old female who was driving was unhurt, though her 19 year old son was taken to UTMB with minor injuries. They were lucky considering that it was reported neither one had on a seat belt. Also on board were 15 poodles riding in cages in the back part of the truck, all unhurt.
The poodles were part of the All American Star Circus scheduled to perform at the Nessler Center Wednesday. Another truck traveling with the entourage placed the poodles in their vehicle.
According to Texas City police the driver was east bound coming down the overpass from Emmett F. Lowry when she attempted to stop for the traffic light. Due to her excessive speed, the slippery driving conditions and coupled with the wieght of the truck and trailer she lost control of it all.

The truck came across the first median before striking the second median, taken out the traffic signal with numerous street signs. No other vehicles were involved and traffic had to be diverted right to 146 South.
The driver was issued a citation for failure to control speed.

Jim Tornabene gives medical attention to the 19 year old passenger
as an ambulance crewman brings in a c-collar.

..................... SUN PHOTO BY DWIGHT C. ANDREWS

Mark Pandanell brings out 1 of the 15 poodles and hands it to an Animal Control Officer.


Front view showing door where poodles were kept.

Arrow pointing to where traffic light once stood. The wires coming out of base are still live.


Inside of where poodles were, cages are visible on back wall.

Joe Tumbleson uses K12 tool to cut u-bolts holding traffic light arm to main support. Fire personel then moved the pieces out of street.