Benefit Chili Cookoff 2004
Cathy Elliott

Part of the benefit for Sargent Robert Elliott's wife who passed away from cancer in December was a Chili Cookoff. SGT. Elliott is a Texas City Police Officer. Texas City Firefighters Local 1259 showed up in force for the Cookoff with a team. Chuck Mahaney and Ken Beach organized the team and everything that went along with it. Local 1259 purchased all the meat and extras as a show of support to Robert Elliott and the Police Officers.

The two head cooks, Bob Hon and Mark Pandanell cooked up the chili with help from numerous firefighters. Bob Hon cooked up the chili for the competition and took 2nd place with his batch. Mark Pandanell along with Bob Hon and several firefighters cooked up about 200lbs of chili meat that was served to everyone at the benefit. It was all you can eat chili with the purchase of a ticket. Ken Beach and Corky Hart cooked up about 200lbs of sausage to be sold on a stick.

There was a great showing of firefighters from the Local and a lot of camaraderie was had by everyone. There was even some retirees who showed up. The Local is hoping that they can get together for more Cookoffs in the future with such a great turn out.