Crane Accident


The crane was attempting to lift an air conditionong unit from the top of the Family Dollar Store in west Texas City.
The A/C unit pulled the crane over as it crashed through the roof of the store. At the time there were workers
and shoppers in the store. The unit crashed through with no warning. No one was injured in this mishap.

As you can see in the pictures below, this unit was attached to the roof right over the truss sections. The units can wiegh several hundred pounds and should be set in place over one of the main steel beams. The photos show
exactly how firefighters are killed during a commercial business fire. As the truss sections heat up during a fire and
start to warp they giveway under the wieght of one of these large units. The unit along with the roof then falls into the building trapping and killing any firefighter below fighting the fire or possible searching for anyone trapped in the fire.
If these units were placed over the main steel beams then chances are the roof may not collaspe because
the units heavy wieght would be over the main beam and not the trusses.

Front view

The driver stated that as the crane went over people were still walking up and down the sidewalk not even realizing what was going on.

Firefighters search the rubble for anyone who may be trapped underneath.

Bob Hon

Sean Coutorie searches underneath.

2 big cranes were brought in to upright the fallen crane.

Preparing to move the crane back upright.

The right crane lifted as the left crane lowered.

The hole from above. Notice all the other units on the roof in the background?

Closer view