Harley Davidson Wreck


While traveling down FM 517 off of HWY 146 the driver of a 2002 Harley Davidson lost control on a curve after hitting gravel on the side of the road. Both riders were then thrown from the bike. Witnesses stated that the driver flew through the air and struck a mailbox on the side of the road. The bike tumbled end over end totalling it out. The driver stated to EMS that he was traveling at about 45 to 50 MPH.
Both riders suffered numerous injuries. Niether one was wearing helmets. They were transported via Lifeflight to the hospital.
San Leon Fire worked the accident with Texas City Fire assisting.

The bike had less than 200 miles on it

San Leon personnel work on the driver who recieved a broken left ankle and head injury and numerous abrasions

Working on the passenger who recieved numerous abrasions

A San Leon firefighter watches as Lifeflight lands

Both patients loaded in the back of the bird

The bird as it takes off over San Leon's pumper