House Fire

Ladder 18, Rescue 13 and Engine 21 responded to this house fire at about 3pm. We were washing Ladder 18 as it was truck day and I happen to look over in that direction. I saw the smoke starting to rise and told the other firefighter to bring in the outriggers as we had a house fire. About a minute later the tones went off as we headed that way.
The back of the house was on fire as we pulled up and heavy smoke was showing. After I started the truck pumping water to the firefighters I went to the front door and kicked it in and the search team went in. Firefighter Ken Beach found a lady fast asleep on her bed. The smoke was banked down about four feet off the ceiling. He woke her up and startled her. He told her that her house was on fire and covered her with a blanket. He then walked her out to the living room where Captain O'Neal walked her to the front door to me. I then walked her out to the front yard asking her if she was okay and if anyone else was in the house. She said she was okay and that no one else was in the house. Officer Creel then took her over to where the ambulance was pulling up. I went back to the front door to notify the Captain that she said no one else was in the house.
The occupant was taken to Mainland Center where she was treated for smoke inhalation. A few more minutes and the smoke would have banked down low enough to get to her. Thanks to Ken Beach's quick search and rescue she will be okay.

Officer Creel

Sean Coutorie with Bill Fattig in background ventilating the roof.

This is where the fire started and made it's way up and into the attic area.

Ken Beach takes a much needed breather as the temperture was in the low 90's.

Sean Coutorie cutting away the roof to get to hot spots.

Sean taking a breather.

Left to right, Bill Fattig, Mark O'Neal, Ken Beach and Wayne Johnson work on the hot spots.

Ken Beach working in the attic.
Photo by Dwight Andrews, Chief Photographer, Texas City Sun.