Harley Davidson wreck

While responding to a wreck involving a police officer, Medic 30's crew witnessed this wreck. Engine 33 was behind Medic 30 at the time.
The driver of the vehicle was Northbound on HWY 3 by Mainland Center Hospital approaching the intersection. Medic 30 and Engine 33 were Eastbound on the feeder road approaching the intersection to take a left to proceed to the police car wreck, which was about a 1/4 mile north on HWY 3.
Upon the emergency vehicles approaching the intersection, the vehicle traveling Northbound went to yield to thier right, they then collided with the motorcycle. Medic 30's crew witnessed the rider of the motorcycle fly off and tumble down the guard rail. The rider was wearing full leathers with gloves but not a helmet and recieved a massive head injury.
The rider was transported to UTMB via an air ambulance.
Engine 16, Engine 21, Medic 10 and Medic 20 responded to both wreck for manpower and for additional transport units.

HERE is the link to the police car wreck.