Harley Wreck on FM 519

The driver of this bike was headed westbound on FM 519 with a group of other motorcycles. As they approached the curve in front of BP Chemical's main gate the other bikers stated that he sped up and never made the turn. The bike hit a culvert and went airborne. The bike then hit a cyclone fence as the driver flew out into the field. He was not wearing a helmet. EMS and Fire personnel worked on him until Life Flight flew him to UTMB where he was pronounced dead from his injuries. He had severe head and chest injuries due to the accident.
This is the third Harley wreck I have worked in less than 2 weeks that the rider or riders were not wearing helmets. The pictures below of the inside of the ambulance are not meant for any disrepect. They are just reality photos of what can happen to you if you choose not to wear a helmet while riding.

2000 Harley Davidson

The fence that was hit. The red arrows show the bike laying in the ditch.

Working on the patient in the back of the ambulance. The EMT on top of the patient is performing CPR.

Inside the ambulance after the patient was transported via Life Flight

Another view of the trauma scene