Restoration of a 1905 Michigan Brass & Iron Works

It took me about 2 weeks to fully restore this hydrant from the inside out.

This is what I started with.

After taking it apart and during the cleaning phase.

The paint was so thick I used a wire wheel on it before I sandblasted it.

I gave it two coats of Ospho. A product that chemically reacts with rust, turning it black.

I treated the rust inside as well as out.

I then shot it with gloss white inside and out as a base coat. Then shot the red and black on it.

I then hand painted the yellow.

Another view

Front View
The finished hydrant. I replaced all bolts with brass ones that I polished up. I also polished all the brass part of the hydrant. Then clear coated it 3 times.

Rear View
The hydrant just sits in the black base.

Top view showing where it was made.

Another top view showing who made it.

The date and the Michigan Brass & Iron Works symbol.

This hydrant is similar to some that were still in service in Texas City up until 3 to 5 years ago along Bay Street.

If anyone has any history on these types of hydrants, I welcome any emails at

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