Fire Station 2


 Engine 21
2001 E-One Pumper

Medic 20
All three stations have identical ambulances now like the one pictured above.
2009 F350 XLT Super Duty with a Frazer Built box
If you notice the colors orange/black in the stripes, they are Texas City Stingaree colors, which is our local High School.
The firefighters wanted to collectively represent the High School in the City we work for.


1999 Ford Utility Truck

Water Rescue 1
'87 H600 Hurricane Zodiac 23ft
150 EFI Mercury



There are 3 shifts running out of Station 2.
Each shift consists of 4 personnel, with a minimum manning of 3 on any given shift.
Each shift works 24 hours, 7am to 7am.
We are always here for you!