The ambulance was responding to an accident on I-45 and Holland Road. It was raining and road conditons were wet. As the ambulance merged over into the righthand lane a pickup truck slammed into the back of the ambulance sending it across the medium and onto the feeder road. The pickup truck driver was traveling in the righthand lane as other vehicles were slowing down and traffic was backing up due to the rain and/or wreck ahead.
Engine 33 responding along with the abulance stopped to render aid. The ambulance crew had minor injuries and the driver of the truck had to be cut out using the Jaws of Life. He was taken to UTMB with minor injuries by a LaMarque ambulance. His wife called the Fire Station a few days later and let them know he had a few bruised ribs and a broken nose.

Holly Henry who was riding in the ambulance

Wendel Wylie, the driver of the ambulance