A New Fire Book has just come out and what a book it is.
It is not like any other book you have every seen..
It is called " Tin Helmets Iron Men " by veteran Fire Photographer Bob Bartosz.
For you old timers, Bob Bartosz was one of the first to come out with a Modern Day hard cover Fire Book back in 1971. It was called " Black & White and Red All Over " and within six months it was sold out and to this day it is in great demand and a great Collector's item. In fact if you can find one be prepared to pay in the mid three figure range to get a copy. Bob's new book "Tin Helmets Iron Men" looks like it will be a fast sell out also. It is printed in a very Limited Edition. It is a hard cover book with 216 pages of some of the greatest fire photos and stories you have every seen. It is based on the Philadelphia Fire Department during the 1950's thru the 1970's in
which their members wore the Cairns Aluminum Helmets. All the photos are in black and white and are not the typical fire photos. As you will see when you get your copy. The Introduction of the book is written by former Fire Commissioner and Chief of the Department William C. Richmond. Some of Commissioner Richmond's quotes "In Tin Helmets Iron Men, Bob Bartosz has graphically captured an era in the Philadelphia Fire Department's History that was both exciting and challenging for fire fighters. It promises to be the same for the readers who follow this story. His outstanding photographs taken with a genuine feel for what the fire fighters life is really like. A marvelous portrayal of the dramatic and
often tragic experiences of those men who wore the Tin Helmets. He preserves, for all times, a graphic record of a truly memorable age in firefighting as it was experienced in Philadelphia. It is a photographic time capsule that gives us a fascinating look at the past as shown through the talented lens of a working photographer who captured more than just a picture. He takes the reader right out onto the street and along side those heroic individuals who made up his subject.

"Bob Bartosz has been taking
fire photos for over fifty years and still can be seen on the fire grounds. Also included in "Tin Helmets Iron Men" are various apparatus photos of some of Philadelphia's greatest pieces of equipment, such as their 125 foot Snorkel, the Fire Bird. Plus the famous Giant Deluge, SS 99 at work. And Marine Units at work. Along with a photo of Engine Co. 6's Ford/Hahn 1954 750 GPM pumper at work. This pumper is now owned by a SPAAMFAA member from Philadelphia and can be seen at various events and parades. "Tin Helmets Iron Men" also has some very interesting stories, especially the one about the Captain from Engine Co. 24. A mystery
that was solved after 29 years. Also a great human interest story about Little Milty of the Second Alarmers. This story will get you. The book is in very Limited Edition and will surely be gone fast. I would suggest you order your copy now or you may miss out on it. And when they are gone--they are gone.

Tin Helmets & Iron Men
Philadelphia Fires 50's,60's & 70's as seen through the lens of a Fire Photographer. Only 1500 Copies Printed!