A Mitsubishi Montero traveling Northbound on HWY 146 Monday afternoon crossed into oncoming traffic right at rush time. The first vehicle that was struck was a Ford Pickup causing the truck to slide about 100 feet up the bridge striking the guardrail. The Montero then slammed head on into a Lincoln Towncar. Witnesses stated that the Montero had been speeding up and slowing plus swerving as far back as Loop 197 North and HWY 146. The driver of the Montero was taken by Life Flight and the driver of the Lincoln was taken by ambulance. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

Update: The driver of the Montero died about a week later due to his internal injuries.

The Montero struck this truck in the drivers side rear tire area.

Sending it into the guardrail.

David Briggs, a Texas City Fire Dept. Engineer, standing next to the Montero, was just a few cars back when the accident happened. Here they are connecting all the lines to the Jaws.

Using the Jaws to free the victim.

Packaging the patient prior to Life Flight arriving.

Removing the patient from the Towncar.

Packaging the patient prior to transport.