This wreck happened at the Texas City Wye. The driver stated he had fallen asleep while traveling Southbound. His vehicle then drifted to the left and off the road until it hit the large pole on the drivers side pinning him inside. PHI Air Medical was called out to fly the patient to UTMB.

The dash had crumpled in on his legs, pinning him in the vehicle.

The top of the pole he hit is on the left. The bottom part is on the right and it snapped about halfway up by the hanging light.

Waiting on LaMarque FD to arrive with thier cutter. We had to call them out for Mutual Aid due to out cutters being broke.

Hydraulic Ram in place that we used to push the dash up and off his legs.

The driver was very lucky and the airbags along with seat belt usage saved his life. He will walk away from this with minor injuries.