TC officer injured

By Michael Smith
The Texas City Sun

Published April 15, 2002

A Texas City Police Officer was injured Monday evening while directing traffic when a lady, who apparently was not watching where she was going, slammed into the back of his parked patrol car.

Patrolman Melincio Villarreal was transported by EMS to UTMB after part of his left ring finger was severed from his hand.

The lady was also taken to an unidentified area Hospital after she complained of neck and back pain.

Police would not release the woman's name as no charges have been filed and the accident is still under investigation by Cpl. Ross Clements and accident investigator Cpl. Patrick Wood.

According to Sgt. John Parker, Villarreal had parked his car in the center lane of Texas Avenue and was directing traffic with his patrol unit's light bar and directional arrows.

For an unknown reason, Villarreal had the left side backseat door open and had his hand in the door jam when the lady careened into his car from behind at approximately 5 p.m.

The impact forced the door to slam shut on Villarreal's left ring finger, cutting it off between the first and second knuckle.

Parker said the lady did not appear to be speeding and as of Monday night was not suspected of being under the influence of alcohol when she crashed.

Parker also said it did not appear that the lady had tried to use her brakes at all before ramming into the back of the police car.

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