Interstate 45 Northbound lane.

The driver of this white Explorer went to pull over off the Freeway onto the shoulder and hit the back of a wrecker that was parked and helping the dark blue car. The impact sent the wrecker into the car. The driver of the wrecker and the car did not sustain any injuries.
The driver of the Explorer sustain major injuries and was pinned in his vehicle. The Jaws of Life had to be used along with the Cutters to free him. He was transported to UTMB via ambulance due to Life Flight being grounded. Visibility was very low due to fog and rain.

Captain Leonhardt, Cory Aiken and Joe Clark prepare the roof for a roof rollback

Cory Aiken using the Omni Tool (Jaws) to cut the roof supports as Joe Clark looks on for safety reasons

Removing the driver

Removing the driver

Placing the driver onto the stretcher

Duane Crawford and Cory Aiken holding the Omni Tool

When Cory Aiken finished poping the drivers door open and cutting all the roof supports, I used the Cutters to finish taking off the driver door. I then used them to cut the seat back supports so we could lay it back away from the driver. I then used the spreaders (Omni Tool) to free the drivers legs. I placed the tool where the arrow is pointing and opened them until the floorboard and foot petals moved out and away from his feet. The Ram could not be imployed here as the driver was pinned in a way the Ram would not fit properly.

The wrecker was struck from behind

forcing it into the car