10-50 MAJORS
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Updated: May 30, 2002


Lifeflight over Rescue 13

LaMarque City truck loaded with asphalt looses control on HWY 146

Station 2 C Shift works a 1 car 10-50 major at 3 a.m.

Flooded out at 31st & Palmer

Engine 33 October 5, 1999
One Firefighter fatality
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Mark Pandanell on Jaws of Life with Wayne Johnson

Sent in by Gary Gillentine

Extracation at nite with Rescue 13 & Station Two's crew.

Officer Chet Rich and Firefighters Jonathan Lee and Leo Rippard look over a car that drove into Mall of the Mainland doors.


LaMarque and Texas City Firefighters work this 6 car pile up.

Where 18 wheeler went over


18 wheeler went over bridge at TC Wye after blowing out a tire. No other vehicles were involved.

Bronco rollover at HWY 146

Photo by Dwight Andrews, Texas City Sun

April 12, 2001


Sent in by Teresa of Texas City. Picture is from Australia.

Rear-ended by truck at right -->>>


Truck was alegedly over the wieght limit on his trailer and
could not stop in time to avoid hitting truck at left.

Palmer in front of Wings and More Resturant.


Hit by black Caddilac lower left

Witnesses stated that this car ran the red light in the background and was hit by the silver car pictured upper right next to Rescue 13.


HWY 146 and Loop 197 North.
This car was hit by the one below left that witnesses stated ran the red light.

Witnesses stated that this car ran the red light and broadsided the car above right.
Note the cross by the pole from a previous wreck. This is one of the most dangerous intersections in town.


Firefighters from Station 2 use the airbags to lift the vehicle
off of the drivers legs. He was ejected and the car landed on his legs from the calves down. This type of accident happens in Texas City all the time as people continually speed through residential nieghborhoods.

Firefighters Duane Crawford and Joe Tumbleson work to package the victim of this motorcycle accident for transport after he hit the white car to the right. Firefighter Bill Fattig looks at bike.


Witnesses stated that this car turned left into the path of the motorcycle, which was traveling westbound on Palmer. Upon impact the driver of the motorcycle severed his left middle finger at the first joint. He was wearing a helmet, full pants, leather boots, jacket and gloves which most likely saved his life.
There is a bumper sticker that states: "Always look twice, motorcycles are everywhere."

Toyota truck after loosing control at HWY 146 and 518.
One of 3 10-50 majors we made that shift.


This car hit the back of a Jeep Cherokee which in turn was knocked into a Ford Explorer. Extensive damage incured on all vehicles. This is one of 2 major wrecks we made that night.

This car was a total loss after the driver lost control, got airborn and rolled it several times before coming to a rest upside down. He took off the tops of 2 trees about 12 feet high. I used a haligan tool to break out passenger window where he crawled out unharmed. He stated that a black pickup truck had caused him to wreck.
Second major we made that night, this one came in at 5:15 a.m.


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What does Mardi Gras, drinking and speeding get you??
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January 19, 2001

Incredible wreck at 146 and Palmer
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Wreck at HWY 146 & 646 on 1-13-02
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1-14-02 at HWY 146
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1-14-02 at Texas City Wye with Bayou Vista Fire
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1-17-02 at 34th Street & 9th Ave.
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34th Street & 1765

Duane Crawford looks.....more

1765 & 34th Street

1 fatality

Officer hurt

Harely Wreck

5-27-02 HWY 146 & FM519